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Seismic Division

We are committed to providing an exceptional product and logistical service to meet your requirements, what ever port your ship may be in

SME Supplies is a truly global supplier of products and services to the seismic industry. Having worked within this sector for the past 20 years, we understand the importance of your data and that’s why we pride ourselves with providing the correct data media, on time and to the right location anywhere in the world, as well as providing excellent after sales back up and support.

We work with some of the largest seismic companies around the world and as such have developed a knowledge of the industry which is second to none. Our dedicated account managers regularly attend trade shows and subscribe to leading industry journals so they can have a better understanding of your industry, up and coming projects, ship locations, new and future developments and try have as much information about your business so that we can provide a better service for you.

That’s why we believe we don’t just sell tape, we partner with you to provide a specialised, unique service tailored to your business.

Whether you’re a petroleum company, an owner of seismic vessels, a seismic services company, a data transcription company, whatever level you fit into the overall oil industry, we believe we can provide a positive addition to your service.

What you get when you buy from SME Supplies Seismic Division

Dedicated Account Manager

Someone who understands your business as well as the industry as a whole.

A Service Partner

Someone who can provide you with not only the full range of data media, but also the additional services and after sales support to offer you complete peace of mind that should something go wrong with your data, we have the services in place to try and recovery any valuable information.

A Global Logistics company

With customers around the world and ships in many different ports, we know that there is only a small timescale to get the product onto your vessel, sometimes just a few days. Therefore we work with the customer and leading freight forwarders to make sure the product is in stock, collected and dispatched to the correct port. And we continue to track this until the product is actually signed for and on the vessel.

If you have any current requirements or work in the Seismic Industry and want to see what SME Supplies can do for you, give one of our account managers a call today.

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