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Managed Print Services

We offer a scalable managed print solution designed to help reduce costs and add value to your business while increasing efficiency. MPS provides a range of services from automated toner delivery through to full printer fleet management with embedded solutions such as pin release printing. With MPS we can either manage your existing fleet or consolidate your devices and provide new hardware through a lease or purchase option over a 3, 4 or 5 year term.

Cost savings


By automating the printer service
process, we drives out inefficiencies – ensuring you gain instant operational cost reductions, and reductions in waste and toner replacement.


Automated toner delivery


Consumables and user replaceable parts are predictively ordered and automatically dispatched to you when needed, ensuring that your printer fleet is fully functional.

This means you don’t need to hold stocks of toner, and the internal costs associated with ordering toner are eliminated.

Reliable maintenance cover


We provides onsite, next business
day maintenance cover for all parts and
labour, including consumable parts –
giving you peace of mind and reducing
printer-related support calls to your IT
team by up to 90%.


Greater visibility and control


Our reporting tools provide a comprehensive picture of your print
usage, enabling you to accurately control and manage your print budget and reduce both your costs and impact
on the environment.

Instant cost reductions:

reduce total spend on printers,
consumables and services

100% transparency and control:
management reports provide a comprehensive picture of your print usage, enabling you to take control and budget more accurately


Enhanced security:

whatever the size of your business, MPS maintains the integrity of
your IT security


Advanced technology:

our cutting edge remote management technology ensures that you receive
the highest quality of care and support

SME Supplies

We use the most robust managed print engine on the market and is backed by the most efficient logistics operation. This enables us to deliver the highest-quality service available today at a truly competitive price.
What does a Managed Print Solution actually deliver?

SME Supplies

Automated toner delivery

Our software sits on your network and monitors print supply levels and automates the delivery of replacements, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with administration or ordering. We even put a label on the toner box to let you know exactly which printer it’s for when it arrives.

SME Supplies

Remote and onsite maintenance support

Our remote management technology ensures that all maintenance alerts are expertly handled. MPS never misses potentially critical alerts requiring support, nor will it inundate you with unnecessary incidents.

MPS also provides onsite next business day maintenance cover for all parts and labour, including consumable parts, which are generally not included with standard and extended warranties.

SME Supplies

Comprehensive fleet management reports

Our sophisticated reporting tools enable you to accurately assess your fleet printing costs at any time and make evidence-based decisions to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of your printing and imaging, reducing
costs and your impact on the environment.

SME Supplies

A choice of purchasing options

As a MPS customer you have the option of combining the lease of new printers, maintenance services and automated toner delivery into a simple monthly cost. You can select which devices you require, set the lease term over 3, 4 or 5 years, and specify the expected level of print volume – it really is that easy.

Research has
shown that between
of businesses have no idea of their printing costs, and that in reality
of a company’s turnover is spent on printing alone.

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