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We have been applying our backgrounds of Hardware experience at SME Supplies for the past 15 years. We constantly attend seminars and training to keep us up to date with the latest technology.


Being independent has helped us make unbiased recommendations, and we are flexible in helping customers procure what they want, and the solution that works best for them. We offer a range of advice, especially for the investment of long term equipment and compatibility – each customer has a dedicated account manager that can answer most questions (and in the rare cases that they cannot – we have firm relationships and partnerships with our suppliers who can).

We have worked with IT staff and managers in both the Education and Corporate sector for many years, and the dedicated account managers are well versed in handling budgets and long term planning. We offer free support via phone, email, on-site visits, Skype – we are structured for long term partnerships.


With the right Apple products, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. To help you get everything you need, we offer education pricing for schools and universities and education professionals. And you can find a range of content that covers every subject, from great collections of apps to countless free learning resources.


Each year we sell more and more laptops – with higher specs and more memory than ever before. We are partnered with HP, and because we are independent we can supply any brand the customer asks for – Dell, Acer – no brand is too obscure. Our prices are extremely competitive and devices can be supplied as stand-alone devices or as part of a mobile network with charging trolleys.​


The Educational sector has embraced tablets – very few schools do not have a tablet available for the purpose of teaching or learning. We are here to support our customers with upgrades and advice – as well as all periphery purchases such as cases, storage, keypads, chargers etc.


We supply a range of desktop solutions depending on the user requirements, ranging from teacher and classroom environments, through to admin, finance and corporate needs.


Technology is constantly changing and through our partnerships with HP and the likes, and regular training, we are kept abreast so that we can offer you the latest specs at the most affordable prices.


We support WLANs in Education and the Corporate sector with Cisco. We support our customers’ requirements with scalable solutions that offer security and the ability to easily manage the system. Usually customers know what they want in this area, but we offer free advice for long term solutions and all our solutions are competitively priced.


We offer a range of server solutions depending on the needs of the user. These range from small single back up stand alone servers, right through to a complete package enabling your school to integrate all the computers on a single network ad manage the back up requirements of each classroom and department.


Demand in this area has increased substantially, based on pressures on existing technology needing to keep pace with data, devices, speed, space etc. Speak to your dedicated account manager about your requirements – the technology is surprisingly cost effective to ensure systems are run at optimum speed and accessibility.


Classrooms are no longer didactic in nature, and interactive whiteboards are being installed at an ever increasing rate. We are an independent supplier, and as such support all brands such as Promethean, SMART, Genee etc. and can have an unbiased conversation regarding the hardware and software possibilities. We offer free advice and training, and ongoing support for all our customers


When choosing one for your school you are subjected to so much choice, and more questions than answers; should you go for a lamp free one, a special warranty one, what resolution, which inputs to use, can I place it in the same place as the old one, is it now time to move to short throw.


We support all makes and types of Projector parts – including bulbs and spares

Thin Clients

Stretch resources and serve more students. HP Thin Client Solutions for education can bring powerful technology to every desk in the classroom. Schools worldwide have turned to HP Thin Client solutions for education implementations for rich computing experiences that give teachers and administrators control and enhance student learning, while helping schools stay within budget by reducing overall management and maintenance costs.

Back Up

SME Supplies can offer a cloud backup and recovery service which enables schools, academies, colleges and universities to backup data, off-site to a highly secure, UK-based data centre.
This service provides quick, cost-effective, secure, reliable backup – allowing you to recover anything, anywhere, at any time.


SME Supplies recommend and sell warranties for most purchases – but we leave it to the buyer’s discretion, as well as we can recommend the durability of products, based on our experience. Warranties do provide peace of mind in the event of down-time based on fault or accidental damage.