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About Us

Having worked in the IT distribution sector for many years, with strong relationships with many UK and EU distributors, it was a natural move to form SME Supplies that addressed a gap in the market. 



SME Supplies was formed in 2005 to provide a printer supplies reseller that sourced effectively and independently traded with the major UK distributors. Our strength was in strong negotiating and procurement skills, coupled with low overheads, and in being able to source products which many mainline distributors either couldn’t find or did not have the time to do so.



Since then we have grown substantially and now trade in over 20 countries around the world. Our product range still includes toner and ink, but has increased to include data media and IT hardware and commodities. Our growth enabled us to offer additional data services such as labelling, data destruction, transcription and tape buy backs.



Having started small we believe in keeping the same approach to business that we started out with, which is to be “hands on” in all aspects of the business. All of our staff are actively involved in all functions within the business, be that sales, warehousing, purchasing or distribution. This way we feel everyone is involved and engaged, and also has a sense of ownership and knowledge of every facet of the business. We continue to strive to offer all clients a dedicated service – each customer is assigned an account manager that can deal with any aspect of the business.